February 23, 2020

4 Tips International Students Need To Grow Influence In Their Community

It is important for international students to grow influence within their community. This comes with many benefits and opportunities. One of which is that you won’t be stranded. You’ll have your problems solved in the nick of time. In another vein, you become a problem solver. So, let’s consider how international students can their influence […]

Tips On How To Choose A School Program As An International Student

The school you decide to consider, as an international student, for your program could either make or mar your chances of success in your chosen field. International students often get confused as to what university to consider when applying for a program. Let’s take a look at useful tips you can consider when choosing a […]

5 Ways Assignments Can Aid Your Academic Performance As A Student

Assignments aid academic performance as a student if engaged properly. As a take-home task, you have the opportunity to score high. Most lecturers use some of these take-home tasks as tests. At times, these assignments can be as a result of a topic of discussion to be considered in class the following day. As a […]

AP Tests – How You Can Ace Them As An International Students

Preparing for an AP Test as an international student requires a lot of confidence and discipline. It is conducted by the College Board. Every year, this multiple-choice and free-response sectioned tests are rolled out. Usually, college students prepare adequately for the compilation of a year-long Advanced Placement courses Here are the study tips to help […]

Top 5 Ways International Students Can Get Over A Bad Grade

Many factors play out when International students end up with a bad grade. Inadequate preparation, fear, Ill-health, trigger students bad grade. Getting past this stage requires a whole lot of discipline, assistance, and resilience. At this low state of mind, you just have to be honest with yourself and think about your next move. So, […]

Consultancy Firms – Making Your Choice As An International Student

Making a choice from the numerous consultancy firms often post to be a hard call for an international student desiring to become a consultant someday. This is borne out of a desire to become an expert in their chosen field. Specialized fields such as Accountancy, Engineering, Human Resource, Law, Education, etc are the most desired […]

Top 3 Tasks Students Need To Complete Before Medical School

International students interested in becoming physicians and surgeons get carried away at the thought of medical school. Little wonder many get into Medical School unprepared for the realities within her walls. Getting into a tertiary institution that teaches medicine requires dedication and hard work. The award of a professional degree for physicians and surgeons is […]

Top 7 Ways International Students Overcome Culture Shock

Usually, international students experience culture shock upon resumption. This can be overwhelming without the required information and support. Don’t beat yourself up. All you need is time to adjust to your new life. When you are done adjusting, you will begin to enjoy your academic experience.   Let’s consider the top 5 ways international students […]

How International Students can Manage their Time Effectively

Without a doubt, international students find it difficult to manage their time effectively within the pendency of their academic sojourn. Little wonder the university makes available orientation programmes to enable students to understand how to balance student life and academics. Purpose-driven students find it difficult to stay idle. In fact, students who fall within this […]

Monash Humanitarian Scholarship for International Students in Australia 2019

Monash University is offering the Monash Humanitarian Scholarship for International Students in Australia for the 2019/2020 academic year. Are you an asylum seeker on a bridging visa? If you are a high-achieving student with the ambition to change your future, you may be eligible for the Monash Humanitarian Scholarship. You will receive 100% international student funding for […]