February 23, 2020

7 Importance of Playing Chess As An International Student

The importance of playing Chess as an international student cannot be overemphasised. The game of Chess is fancied and played every day around by persons who understand the art and craft of critical thinking.

Let’s consider the top 5 benefits of learning and playing chess as an international student.

1. It Promotes Unity

Chess is one of the oldest indoor games in the world. This has developed into a domestic and international sporting event. As a result, it sees chess loving nationals from different countries and academic backgrounds, cultures and ages come together to have the chess experience. Students who play this intellectually stimulating game, professionally or as a form of recreational activity often bond well within and outside the campus.

2. It Teaches Students Sportsmanship

Sometimes, you give the lesson. Other times, you receive the lesson. Chess teaches you how to manage victory and how to manage a defeat. Essentially, it makes you understand that sometimes one could lose. Most importantly, it teaches students how to get back up from a setback. This principle can be applied when students are trying to overcome a bad grade.

3. It helps Students Thread Carefully 

You don’t just make a reckless move. You will pay for it. This is one thing playing chess teaches international students. Having the understanding that choices have positive and negative consequences, students thread carefully. This helps students think things through before making a move. Invariably, acting irrationally can have negative repercussions.

4. It helps you focus.

Focusing helps you harness the potential embedded in concentrating. You can be in control of a situation, but when you lose concentration, you commit an elementary blunder. This could cost you the game. Students will need to inculcate the habit of focusing in this century where a lot of distractions come in handy.

It helps Develop Problem-solving Skills.

This game tends to solve problems created by yourself and your opponent. You cannot be at your best if you don’t overcome challenges. As a student, you’ll face a whole lot of challenges – emotional, academic, financial etc. Usually, Problem solvers are critical thinkers. This game affords you the opportunity of becoming a critical thinker. By so doing, you conduct a SWOT (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis to aid your ability to overcome challenges.

It makes you more Logical than Emotional

Generally, life is more logical than emotional. Chess makes you challenge your thinking capacity by stretching it wide and far while you focus on solving a particular challenge. You develop a mental pattern of recognizing a threat and an analytical way of solving it. This makes your brain gainfully active and healthy.

It helps you Learn how to be Calm under Pressure.

Week in week out, students face pressures from many angles. Most of which comes from the academic space. Handling pressure and remaining calm require a lot of tact. This can be garnered from the game of chess, evidenced when an opponent makes an unexpected move which puts you in a critical and vulnerable situation. When this happens, one has to become more logical than emotional. So, when you are faced with deadlines, tests, assignments and unexpected presentations, you need to remain confident and calm to be at your best.

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