February 23, 2020

How Students Can Overcome Sexual Harassment By Lecturers

Students who strive to attain academic excellence, struggle to overcome sexual harassment by some lecturers who have become comfortable with this menace.

Non-Governmental organizations have waded into this unfortunate situation through sensitization and awareness across campuses. Successes have been recorded in the fight against sexual harassment by lecturers against students.

The following are ways students can overcome sexual harassment by lecturers:

Strategic Awareness

With the prevalence of this social menace, students are expected to ensure awareness of sexual assault and harassment across campuses. This should be strategic enough to be able to bring to the fore present realities surrounding this subject matter. The focal point of this harassment should be freshmen who might not have gone through such an experience. This will help them be on guard while they relate with their lecturers.

Information About Laws Against It

Read about laws governing this issue raising it up when you are faced with such could give you an advantage. Essentially, you are to know your right and be on guard whenever someone is trying to cross the line. Peradventure someone has attempted to cross that line, you have a right to make a formal complaint to relevant federal commissions or institutions.

Voice Out

You’ll have to refuse to die in silence. Let those who are willing to help or capable of solving the issue be aware. You’ll be amazed at how well the matter could be handled. Also, it helps you maintain a healthy mental lifestyle. This prevents you from going into depression, considering suicide and affecting your academic performance

Liaising With School Authorities

Academic institutions provide platforms through which students can make such complaints. Utilize these platforms effectively. Refuse to have a preconceived mindset that the academic institution you find yourself into cannot profer a solution.

Have A Support System

It can be overwhelming going through the trauma that comes with sexual harassment, especially when you are at the mercy of the predator. Little wonder students find it difficult to progress mentally, socially and academically when they get to this juncture. it is important to have a close circle you can reach out to. More often than not, they have a way of giving strength when you feel all hope is lost.

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