February 23, 2020

4 Tips International Students Need To Grow Influence In Their Community

It is important for international students to grow influence within their community. This comes with many benefits and opportunities. One of which is that you won’t be stranded. You’ll have your problems solved in the nick of time. In another vein, you become a problem solver.

So, let’s consider how international students can their influence within their host community.

Be Courageous

While in the community, you don’t have to be timid. You also don’t have to be scared. All you need do is strive to be courageous. Be confident enough to engage the people within your community in conversations. Do well to speak against societal ills everyone is saying nothing about. This will make the people see you as a leader unconsciously.

Show Empathy

You can’t be a resident within a community and be indifferent about happens within her. For this reason, you’ll have a sense of belonging as much as the people see you as a part of them. You’ll get closer to the people. Your understanding about the people increases too. Without a doubt, this is one way to grow your influence as an international student.  

Show Support

One easy way to grow your influence within a community is to show support. You do this by showing up at events (Birthday celebrations, wedding ceremonies, burial ceremonies, graduations, house-warming etc). You don’t necessarily have to give gifts to anyone. However, if you have gifts, ensure you give them. It could go a long way. Most importantly, show up.

Be Consistent

If you are showing support, empathizing with others, or being courageous, you must be consistent. You don’t have people looking up to you today and tomorrow, you are nowhere to be found. For instance, if you are actively involved in community service, the people are benefitting from, don’t just quit. Managing your time is key. By remaining consistent, you grow your network and influence progressively.

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