February 23, 2020

Top 5 Ways International Students Can Get Over A Bad Grade

Many factors play out when International students end up with a bad grade. Inadequate preparation, fear, Ill-health, trigger students bad grade. Getting past this stage requires a whole lot of discipline, assistance, and resilience. At this low state of mind, you just have to be honest with yourself and think about your next move.

So, let’s consider the top 6 tips international students can leverage on to get over a bad grade.

Process the Situation

Do well to think about why things went south. While you are at it, ensure not to beat yourself up. Rather, process the situation well enough to know where the loophole was. This will help you make you approach your tests and exams better subsequently.


You have to be honest with yourself here. Analyze what went wrong. Evaluate how it went wrong and the potential consequences of the bad grade. By so doing, it will strengthen your resolve to work harder. You can’t keep doing the same thing that yielded no result.

Forgive Yourself

Unfortunately, some students who fell under the knife of a bad grade beat themselves up. Some commit suicide. Truth is, forgiving yourself is the first and important stage of healing from a bad grade. Certainly, your response to this will affect how you go about your next assessment.

Work on your Lapses

After evaluating and figuring out what went wrong, start fixing it. If you had little time to study, create a reading time table. If you misunderstood the question, meet your lecturer to explain. Also, if you couldn’t finish up on time, time yourself while you practice past questions.

Face it Headlong

Confront the situation strategically. Don’t shy away from it. Even it will bring you shame repeating a class, face it. You have to cut down on your excesses to become more disciplined. By so doing, you will be able to prevent a recurrence of a bad grade.   

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