February 23, 2020

Consultancy Firms – Making Your Choice As An International Student

Making a choice from the numerous consultancy firms often post to be a hard call for an international student desiring to become a consultant someday. This is borne out of a desire to become an expert in their chosen field. Specialized fields such as Accountancy, Engineering, Human Resource, Law, Education, etc are the most desired by international students.

Let’s take a look at how an international student can make a choice from numerous consultancy firms.

Type of Consultancy

International students lookout for the type of consultancy firms that meet their required professional need. Usually, the focus is on firms with the capacity to impact them. Invariably, students lookout for where they can give value and receive value. No diligent student desires to be a liability. This has a positive toll on the type of work experience they could have.

Opportunities Offered

International students also put this in perspective when looking for a consultancy firm. Students on internship look at the possibility of being offered a job upon graduation. On the other hand, graduates lookout for the possibility of furthering their academic career. As such, thorough research is conducted to ascertain the size, growth, and capacity of the firm to offer these and more opportunities.

Working Hours

International students often run two or more jobs to make hands meet. For this reason, they look into the possibility of striking a balance between interning in a consultancy firm and their part-time jobs. Some consulting firms have a flexible approach to their work and duty to clients. As such, interns are expected to be open to their employer so they don’t lose on both sides.


One challenge international students face is indecisiveness. Usually, students have a number of consultancy firms willing to offer you an opportunity to work with them. Unfortunately, some lose out of these opportunities due to indecisiveness. Be strong enough to know what you want. Also, be open enough to reach out to people to help you figure out what you want. Being decisive about a specialized field gives you the confidence to make a bold impression about how your future turns out eventually.


In fact, after knowing what you want and what area you desire to specialize in, be proactive in writing an application. Accordingly, ensure you submit it in person. This may trigger an interview on the spot. So, be prepared for an interview. Peradventure you are accepted by the firm, ensure you become proactive in the tasks given to you.

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