February 23, 2020

How International Students can Manage their Time Effectively

Without a doubt, international students find it difficult to manage their time effectively within the pendency of their academic sojourn. Little wonder the university makes available orientation programmes to enable students to understand how to balance student life and academics.

Purpose-driven students find it difficult to stay idle. In fact, students who fall within this category find themselves to be gainfully engaged. However, this could take a toll on their academic pursuit.

Let’s take a look at how international students can manage their time effectively.

Set Your Priorities Right

You will definitely have things and events calling for your attention. In fact, combining lectures with personal life needs the highest degree of discipline. All you need do is have daily goals written down and ensure you follow through on them. Do well not to leave any item out. This will make for effective planning and coordination of your activities. Also, avoid wasting time on social media platforms. This ridicules the limited time you have to spend daily.

Have a Simple Schedule

One mistake international students tend to make is trying to do everything all at once. They end up putting pressure on themselves and become depressed. Studying at the university is not a sprint. It is, in fact, a marathon. As such, your schedule should be simple, but not too easy, for you to follow through. Most electrical gadgets have built-in schedulers and planners. Leverage on them for a productive academic and student life.

Be Reasonably Flexible

International students need to be flexible enough to have and enjoy student life. However, you don’t have to become too flexible and lose focus. in your flexibility, ensure that your academic pursuit does not suffer. Unfortunately, some international students get carried away by their new life. This often leads to regret, bad grades and depression. So, be flexible enough to create time to study.

Avoid Procrastination

Usually, procrastination creeps in without you knowing it. it develops into a habit. When it becomes a habit, it prevents you from living up to your full potential. It is best to start out doing the most difficult task. Leaving the hardest task for the last could have you do it haphazardly. If you honestly set your goals out, your motivation will be high enough to defeat procrastination.

Do Well to Stay Healthy

In order to achieve academic excellence, many students put a strain on their health. Truth is, when you do not take good care of your health, you waste time visiting the hospital. Also, you’ll have to take time to recuperate. This can be avoided when you consistently take time out to live healthily. By living healthy, you eat right and timely, exercise regularly and take enough water.

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